Fake News has nothing on fake genealogy. Over the coming years, I will document some of the more pernicious cases I've encountered. Although genetic genealogy will not always be a component in these stories, it will often be featured.

ARTICLE 5: 07/17/2023 (Bennett)
The Mysterious Origins of Robert Bennett of Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England
Robert Bennett was a successful 16th-century tanner in Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England, and the immediate forebear of a consequential Jamestown family. His youngest son was Edward, a wealthy London me...

ARTICLE 4: 01/20/2023 (donkeytail)
The Donkey Tail Method of Doing Genealogy
A genealogy club I was associated with several years ago needed a home for about a thousand volumes of good genealogical material, including many of the standard and often famous genealogical volumes....

ARTICLE 3: 08/15/2021 (Curry)
Robert Curry: Conflation or Not?
Strictly speaking, this brief article would not go into the Bogus Genealogies blog. It certainly doesn't fit the genetic genealogy blog, although well-placed Y-DNA testing might resolve the probl...

ARTICLE 2: 10/22/2019 (maryann)
A Case Study in Ancestor Abuse: Mary Ann Utie Bennett
Describing, weighing, and interpreting data constitutes the majority of a historian's work. Unfortunately, that data is often tweaked to forward an agenda. The cliches are familiar: "History...

ARTICLE 1: 08/20/2019 (Cooley)
The Cult of the Bogus Dutch Cooleys
Lura Coolley Hamil died of a heart attack in Lincoln, Illinois at the beginning of January 1933. She'd spent the previous several months looking for a publisher for her book, A Story of Pioneerin...